This page is dedicated to all the musicians out there struggling to survive...


The FreeRange musician can be found out in the jungle of the UK economy trying to carve out a habitat in an ecology where ferocious predators roam the wilderness hunting for any defenceless prey. These predators range from the mighty banking behemoths who control the flow of game in the ecosystem to the parasitic - so called 'weekend warriors' - who can 'out compete' the freeranger because they do not need to rely on the sparse takings available - but still manage to reduce the free sustantence available for all.


Cowering in their dingy dens during daylight hours, the members of the this hardy species tend to only venture out when the sun goes down. They then ply their trade in a harmonious symbiotic relationship, improving the lives of their so called 'audiences' for very little return, often only being able to maintain the barest of subsistance survival states.

Very minor changes in the environment can have a huge effect on this delicate ecosystem and the species is very prone to attack from parasitic lifeforms such as tax men, accountants, management consultants, amateurs and so on. Large scale predation by creatures such as banks, governments and the deadly cowelites can also decimate the ecological niche that these creatures depend on. All these threats can be recognised by their distictive calls such "you don't really do it for the money do you", "it's a labour of love really" and "you're living the dream".


To create a viable environment were talent and hard work are rewarded with a modest sufficiency while the parasitic competition is rewarded with all the free charity gigs..